COVID-19 Travel Update | Greyfield Inn

To Our Guests,

We are pleased to welcome you for your upcoming stay at Greyfield. Even in these unprecedented times, it is our continued mission to provide a unique experience grounded in nature, island explorations, and delicious food and drink.

In order to safely do so and still provide you with an exceptional stay, we have enacted added measures and adjustments to our guest services and already stringent protocols to ensure the continued health of our guests and staff. This “new normal” will require some necessary modifications to our past procedures, but it does not mean our commitment to hospitality will waver in the slightest.

We have been carefully monitoring all news related to COVID-19, as well as all recommendations and alerts provided by the CDC and WHO, and in compliance with Georgia orders, the CDC, and health professionals’ guidelines, we are implementing the following practices.


  • Prior to your arrival, we ask that each individual visitor answers and returns our screening questionnaire no less than 72 hours before scheduled arrival. (Please note: you will receive this questionnaire via email in advance of your stay.) Any information provided will be kept strictly confidential. Upon review, management will make the determination of honoring or rescheduling your stay, and we will contact you via email to inform you of our decision. Please know that the decisions we make are at the sole discretion of Greyfield management.
  • On Monday, July 27, 2020, Greyfield began mandating that our guests wear masks in all Greyfield property common areas, boats, and vehicles. Exceptions include: while drinking or eating, or seated at any one of our dining room or terrace tables while enjoying food or drink, and private guest rooms and private bathrooms. In the interest and well-being of both you, our guest, and our dedicated staff, Greyfield will also insist that all guests wear a mask while traversing between their tables and other destinations (i.e., outside and 6 feet away from other guests whom you are not traveling with, public bathrooms or private guest rooms).
  • Boat times will be limited. For arriving guests, available departure times from our Fernandina Beach dock are 9:30 AM and 12:15 PM. Our office will contact you prior to arrival to schedule your arrivals and departures. Travel times via the Lucy R. Ferguson is 45 minutes, each way.
  • Prior to boarding, the boat crew will provide hand sanitizer for each passenger to use immediately before boarding the ferry. Masks are mandated while on board for all arriving and departing guests, and this will be strictly enforced. Our Marine Crew will be doing their best to ensure that safe social distancing is maintained during travel. In addition, all arriving guests will be required to have their temperatures taken via an infrared, no contact forehead thermometer. If your temperature exceeds 100.4° F, you will be asked to postpone your stay with us. This will also hold true for any guest who may be exhibiting or reporting symptoms such as (but not limited to):
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Chills
    • Repeated shaking with chills
    • Muscle pain
    • Headache
    • Sore throat
    • New loss of taste or smell
  • If, during your stay, you develop any of the above symptoms, please immediately inform staff so that we may arrange to ferry you to the mainland so that you may seek proper medical care and/or treatment.
  • Please inform staff if you will need help ascending and/or descending the dock stairs. Allow time for staff to change gloves between each individual who may need assistance. Please also inform our office if you will require transportation to and from the dock, or additional help, prior to your arrival.
  • At all times, both Greyfield staff and guests are expected to maintain a social distance of at least six feet and avoid direct contact as much as possible. All staff will be required to answer the same questions posed to our guests daily, as well as have their temperatures checked before entering the inn.
  • As always, Greyfield staff will practice regular and thorough hygiene.
  • Staff will practice regular and frequent hand washing (20 seconds) per CDC guidelines.
  • As much as possible, staff will be wearing nitrile gloves and changing them often.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine: Not enough information is currently available to say if or when the CDC will stop recommending that people “wear masks and avoid close contact with others” to help prevent the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. While experts learn more about the protection that COVID-19 vaccines provide under real-life conditions, it will be important for everyone to continue using all the tools available to help stop this pandemic. Greyfield will continue with our mandate that all guests must wear masks as outlined in this information page.


  • Upon arrival to Cumberland Island, staff will be on hand to greet you and to provide you with an informational tour. Depending on the number of arriving guests, two or more staff will be available to divide guests into groups, allowing all to maintain a minimum of six feet of distance between.
  • Please be aware that check-in times may vary to ensure that each room is properly and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized per CDC guidelines. Your patience and understanding are very much appreciated.
  • Be assured that each room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to check in. All cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants, and procedures have been thoroughly vetted and cross checked by referring to the CDC and EPA standards.



  • Some room services and daily housekeeping of guest rooms may be limited or omitted during your stay for the health of both guests and staff.
  • Room service for meals will not be available.
  • Please let us know if you require more towels or washcloths during your stay. If you intend to re-use your linens, please leave them hanging.
  • Greyfield Inn provides L’Occitane toiletries in each guest room for use and enjoyment during your stay


  • Signs will be prominently displayed in all common areas reminding all to maintain social distancing.
  • The back “communal” kitchen located on the first floor will be closed to guest traffic.
  • You will see staff regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces in common areas such as banisters, doorknobs, light switches, and more.
  • All public restrooms and showers will be thoroughly sanitized on a regular, frequent schedule. During these times, some public restrooms may be temporarily unavailable.
  • The Honest John bar will be closed for self service (see below).
  • Coffee makers, coffee bean grinders, water kettles, and tea packets will be removed from all cottage communal areas (see below).


  • As you may be aware, communal aspects such as meals, cocktail and hors d’oeuvre hours, and naturalist outings are an important part of the Greyfield experience. We are making the following changes to these, and other services:
  • In lieu of our normal self-serve beverage stations, coffee, tea, & other beverages will be available upon request on the first floor of the inn after 8:00 AM. Please see any staff member, and we will gladly bring your desired beverage, as well as accoutrements such as sugar and cream.
  • Our typical “continental breakfast” station will be available upon request. If you desire bagels, English muffins, toast, jams, etc., please inquire with our staff. Please allow ample time.
  • Rather than our usual communal dining, seating for both breakfast and dinner will be staggered. Individual tables or spaces for each party, spaced at a minimum of 6 feet apart, will be reserved. Please see the Service Director or other staff to arrange your reservation time. Times are based on a first come, first serve basis, daily. Limited outdoor seating is available, weather permitting. We respectfully ask that each party arrive on time for their reservations so that we may maintain our safety protocols while providing the hospitality Greyfield is known for.
  • LUNCHES: In lieu of self-serve lunches, beginning at 10:45 am each day, please see a Greyfield staff member on the first floor to pick-up your lunch. (Please refrain from entering the communal kitchen.)
  • The Honest John Bar will be closed for self-service, for the safety of all. Save for cocktail hour, the bar will be deemed an “employees only” space. If, at any time during your stay, you would like a wine, beer, spirit, or cocktail, please see any staff member. We will gladly prepare and deliver. Due to its small, intimate style, no more than two guests will be permitted in the bar at one time during cocktail hour. Please maintain a safe, six feet distance from the bartender, and allow the bartender to prepare your desired beverage. When completed, he or she will place your drinks on the bar and step away, allowing you to retrieve them.
  • Staff will handle the writing of your chits going forward. Please let us know your first and last name(s), and correct spelling.
  • Communal hors d’oeuvres normally served at cocktail hour will be replaced by a small bite or “amuse-bouche” presented at the start of your meal, after being seated in the dining room.
  • Dinners are three fixed courses, save for dietary restrictions and allergies. Printed menus will be made available for breakfast (one course) and dinner.
  • As a Greyfield tradition, jackets are required for men during dinner service; with comparable attire for ladies. But during this time, we are relaxing our dress code so that jackets are recommended but not required.


  • Our naturalists are hard at work providing opportunities for guests to visit different areas of the island. Seating will be limited on the truck benches so that all guests are spaced appropriately apart. We are mandating that masks must be worn when there are more than two passengers on truck benches. Please see any staff member to sign up for a given day’s tour(s). Naturalists reserve the right to offer tours to guests with earlier departure dates, thus making it more likely that all guests have an opportunity to explore.
  • Guests will not be permitted in the cab (interior) of the truck.
  • Please let our naturalists, or other staff, know ahead of time if you require help getting on and off the flatbed, so that they can prepare.
  • Between each tour, our naturalists will need time to properly clean the tour trucks.


  • Departure boat times are 8:00 AM and 10:45 AM.
  • Your folio (final receipt showing amount due and itemized purchases) will be emailed to you the morning of your departure. Please ensure that we have a credit card on file for remaining balances and incidentals.

We’d like to acknowledge to those who are familiar with Greyfield and to those who have yet to experience the magic of this island: our commitment to providing each of you with a unique experience remains, as ever, unwavering. We are bolstered by each and every team member’s decision to stay with us during this time of uncertainty. We feel that this combination of studied plans, reflection, staff cohesion, and preparation will provide all of our guests with a different and unique, but truly Greyfield experience.

We so look forward to welcoming you soon.


Mary & Mitty Ferguson

Greyfield Inn Owners and Managing Partners 

A Note from the Greyfield Inn Kitchen

To Our Guests & Friends,

Over the past decade, it has been our true pleasure to work with Chefs Whitney Otawka and Ben Wheatley — and not only to work alongside them, but to embrace them as part of our Greyfield family.

We’ve seen Whitney and Ben dedicate themselves to the Greyfield culinary program, enriching the experience for each and every guest who has dined at our table and for those of us who have been fortunate enough to enjoy their creations each day.

It is with our most sincere well wishes, and deep gratitude, that we say farewell to Whitney and Ben as they set out on their next adventures.

Introducing Greyfield Inn’s New Executive Chef Jada Veljkov

As we begin a new culinary chapter at Greyfield, we are so pleased to welcome Jada Veljkov as our new Executive Chef.  Jada joins us from Athens, GA where she most recently served as the head chef of Hugh Acheson’s prestigious Five & Ten. Jada brings a minimalistic approach to the table – showcasing fresh vegetables from the Greyfield Garden while allowing sustainable and thoughtfully procured meats, seafoods, spices, and aromatics to complement the seasonal flavors, keeping her dishes rooted in a Southern style. We are thrilled to have Jada leading the Greyfield culinary program and wish her a warm welcome to Greyfield.

On behalf of,
Mary & Mitty Ferguson,
Owners and Managing Partners, and Team Greyfield

Follow along on Instagram for personal updates from Jada, Whitney, and Ben at @0jada0, @whitneyotawka, and @blwheatley87.


Greyfield Inn Ferry

Driving Directions to The Greyfield Inn Ferry

From the North:

Take Interstate 95 to Highway A1A (Exit 373). Turn left at the light at the end of the ramp. Then follow A1A East for 14.8 miles to Centre Street. Turn left onto Centre Street and go to the waterfront. Drop off your passenger and/or luggage to meet he Boat Captain at Dock 3 next to the “Lucy R. Ferguson” sign on the dock rail. Follow the directions on your parking pass to the parking area, then walk southwest across the train rail to the boat.

From the South:
Take Interstate 95 to Highway A1A (Exit 373). Turn right at the end of the ramp. Then follow A1A east for 14.8 miles to Centre Street. Turn left onto Centre Street and go to the waterfront. Drop off your passenger and/or luggage to meet he Boat Captain at Dock 3 next to the “Lucy R. Ferguson” sign on the dock rail. Follow the directions on your parking pass to the parking area, then walk southwest across the train rail to the boat.

Google Map to Dock 

ferry map

Shuttle Service from The Jacksonville Airport

Greyfield Inn Ferry Schedule
Fernandina Beach / Amelia Island, Florida Embarkment

Fernandina Beach Departures:
9:30 a.m., 12:15 p.m.

Cumberland Island Departures:
8:00 a.m., 10:45 a.m.

Please be at the dock  15 minutes ahead of your departure time.