Beverage Program

Led by Beverage and Service Director Christopher Becerra, the Inn’s beverage offerings are designed to honor our Southern heritage.  Guests are always invited to gather in the Greyfield bar to mix their own cocktails with requisite tools and cocktail manuals throughout the day. This intimate and jovial space is nestled between the second floor foyer and library.

Our ever-growing beer selection represents both international styles and craft brews from Georgia and beyond. Spirit offerings focus mainly on bourbons, alongside an artisanal rum collection and craft spirits from small distilleries including gins, vodkas, and tequilas.

Greyfield’s wine list is updated regularly and offers fine wines from around the world that complement the Inn’s cuisine. Guests are given ample opportunity to explore unique, lesser-known varietals from boutique producers. Suggested wines from the cellar are always available, and optional wine pairings are presented on occasion, prices vary.

View our current wine list.